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{ A Few Words of Greeting }

So here it is: the sum total of the past 12 years of my life stored in a few megabytes of PDFs, HTML pages, and Flash movies.

Or, when viewed in a more positive light:

So here it is: the sum total of the best ideas that I've had over the last 12 years. They're the cream of the crop, king of the hill, baddest of the bad.


{ Ads }
The neat thing about advertising is that no matter how specific a problem you're tackling, there's always a few solutions. There's no right or wrong, just different audiences with different needs. Come see what I mean.

{ Marketing and Brochure-ware }
Brochures and Websites don't make sales, but they can surely lose them. That fact sounds awfully negative, but marketing is there mostly to inform and reassure. If your marketing looks and sounds second-rate, sales suffer because your products and services can't shine. I will make everything shiny.

{ Financial }

Whenever my fellow creatives find out that I know about personal finance and investing, I'm positively deluged with questions and moments of serious over-sharing. Anyhoo, it's true: Money is a topic about which I can write with authority. Take a peek.

{ Journalism }
Prior to my life as a copywriter, I was a journalist. I reckon that since I've worked in advertising and journalism, all I need is a brief stint selling used cars to cement my throne in Hell. If you'd like a hard copy of my journalism portfolio, email your address to me.

{ Resume }
View my resume online then email it to powerful friends while bragging about what a wonderful and handsome copywriter you've found.

{ Contact }
Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? Email me at

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