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MacForce Rocket Report

A newsletter created by myself and my design buddy, Dave Selden. Oh, sure. Other people had a hand in it, but the Rocket Report was our baby. According to a muckety-muck at Apple, it's the best written, coolest-looking reseller Website and newsletter on the planet.

March '03 Rocket Report     (66K PDF)
June '03 Rocket Report    (387K PDF)

September '03 Rocket Report    (383K PDF)


MacForce Sales Kit

MacForce's niche for a number of years has been with small businesses and the creative departments of large companies in the NW. To that end, we created a sales brochure that spoke to those audiences while bear-hugging the space-age MacForce brand. It comes wrapped in a mylar bag with mission orders (proposal).

Sales Brochure   (1.6M PDF)


White Horse Sales Proposal
We were about to lose a giant project with a big client who'd been with us for a long, long time. We turned on the afterburners and put together a giant care package, Flash commercial, and of course, a love letter.

Care Package
To represent the four virtues that White Horse had in spades over other agencies, we re-labeled several products.

Chocolate box
Jump rope box
Battery label
Wine label

Flash Commercial
Uh, yeah. That's my voice. What can I say? It was 2 AM and we'd been in the studio for four hours.

Watch the Movie (2MB & contains audio)

Love Letter

Sometimes, you just have to bare your soul.

Love Letter


White Horse Sales Letter
Finished Product: During the U.S. roll-out of the xBox game console, the xBox team at Microsoft was pulling some long hours. We weren't above trying to bribe them with food, and this little poem went into the care package we sent them.

Letter to xBox (32K PDF)


Communi(k) Office Move Announcement
We wanted a different way to think of "the move," so we imagined how the new office would affect our different senses.

New Office Scent (72K PDF)
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