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Before We Start...

One thing that you'll notice is a slew of concepts that didn't make the cut. I don't mind showing you the dead bodies because it shows there's never a single good answer. There's lots of good ideas.

Plus, if I've missed the client's mark (or, say, they've moved their mark), I've always got a few killer ideas in my back pocket.

Pick a Client, Any Client:





AT&T Wireless




These ads were part of a series placed in a magazine that caters to creative professionals in the NW.

Sales Ad
Training Ad

These are just some little promos to get people into MacForce. The iTunes one was a hoot because we supported it with a radio ad. Woo-hoo!

Mac Tuneup Promo (PDF)
iTunes Music Store Promo (358K PDF)

iTunes Music Store Radio Ad (970K MP3)

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Ad 2

These were some email invitations we sent around Portland to get hip, young ad and marketing larvae to come to our pub crawl and join the under-31 networking and social club.

Name Dropping
Top 10 List

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This first batch of banners is mostly roughs we did for MSN's CarPoint site. They were giving away a trip to the Rolex 24 at Daytona — sort of a le Mans race in Florida.

Clean Up
All Nighter


Dirty Hands
Every Second

Slumber Party

This next batch of banners is from a tax-day promotion on MSN's bCentral site.

Tax Bracket

April 15


This final group of rough draft banners for MSN's bCentral site was aimed at small businesses and home-based businesses.


Dot Com

First Impressions

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HP Home & Home Office Flash "Commercials"

These are some cute little commercials for consumer and small-biz products that reside on HP's Website.

D145 Multifunction Printer (666K SWF)

DVD-R Drive (567K SWF)

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AT&T Wireless
For being a part of such a dowdy, ancient company like Ma Bell, we had a lot of fun with AT&T Wireless.

This first section contains spec banners that we did to win the AT&T Wireless business. At the time, the company was running those incomprehensible "shepherd" ads on television. We had no idea what those were about, so we had to wing it.

Shepherd Concepts (PDF)
Two Roads
Travolta (Spoof. BTW, we rewrote the text to read, "Because the Shepherd knows the importance of Nights & Weekends")

This next bunch is from an MTV promotion they ran. Hey, it's MTV, right? Home of Beavis & Butthead, Jack Ass, and Madonna french-kissing Britney Spears? So risque paid off here.

MTV Concepts (PDF)
Lame Ring
Savings Account

This gathering of banners was targeted at youth, but not those corrupted MTV punks.

Youth Concepts (PDF)
Dress Up
Express Yourself

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This shows some tagline and concepting work I did while subcontracting. Note the scattered creative approach; I was given one night and a single paragraph product description with a Post-It note reading, "It's revolutionary!"

"Of course it is," I grumbled. "Why just look at it, all boxy and off-white. Let the revolution begin..."

Oresis Print Ads   (361K PDF)

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